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Japanese American References

A Brief Japanese American Chronology
Bibliography of Recommended Reading

Japanese American Internment Websites

Bibliography of Books on JA Internment
Camp Harmony
Executive Order 9066
The Japanese American Internment
Japanese American Internment Memorial
Manzanar National Historical Site
Remembering Manzanar
Japanese American Exhibit and Access Project
Kooskia (Idaho) Internment Camp Project
Photos of Dorothea Lange
Children of the Camps
Conscience and the Constitution
Japanese Canadian Internment
Heart Mountain Digital Preservation Project

Japanese American War Veteran Websites

100th Battalion / 442nd Regimental Combat Team
Japanese American War Veterans Website
JA Nisei Veterans (Rae Ann Galinato)

Japanese Americans in Hawaii

Issei, Nisei, Sansei, Yonsei: JA's on O`ahu

Other Japanese American History Websites

Japanese American History Archives
Nikkei Heritage Online
Concentration Camp or Summer Camp (Robert Ito)

Education Resources

Asian American Curriculum Project
A Reflection of Societal Issues and Ills
National Asian American Telecommunications Assocation

The Japanese American National Museum

A Brief Note to JA*Net Users:

There is often some confusion between "Japanese American" and "Japanese". In this section, we primarily give attention to the American history that relates to Americans of Japanese ancestry and their contributions to the United States.

More Links to Japanese American History

Japanese American History Forum

If you have a question about JA history, you might try posting a message in this forum, and perhaps another user may be able to help you or give you leads for an answer.

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